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✹Free sample workout

✹Free assessments covering:

  • Static posture
  • Dynamic posture
  • Pulse & blood pressure
  • Blood oxidation
  • Body composition
  • Body mass index


Additional assessments with 1st paid session:

  • Body measurements
  • Upper body strength & agility
  • Lower body strength & agility
  • Cardio fitness



Angelelli Fitness () saves you the time of traveling to and from the gym for your workout. brings the equipment and the personal fitness training directly to you (within a limited service area) – whether that’s in your home, your workplace, or even your local park – allowing you more time to focus on your fitness.



No concerns about that awkward “gym-timidation” that occasionally occurs when working out around a large group of people. brings you private fitness training.  Also, no need to worry if it’s been a long time since you’ve done any resistance training (or maybe never have).  We’ll follow the old adage of “start low and go slow” to allow your body to adapt to a new workout regimen.  Plus, uses mostly resistance bands, which are much less intimidating than heavy deadweights.



emphasizes training with resistance bands.  Oh sure, we’ll also use traditional training modes like bodyweight, dumbbells, kettlebells, and medicine balls – but primarily resistance bands, for several reasons.


  • Resistance bands are more forgiving on the joints than heavy deadweight training.
  • Resistance bands don’t have gravity to deal with, so they can incorporate horizontal forces rather than just vertical forces.
  • Resistance bands allow you to train in all planes of motion, using functional body movement patterns that you will perform every day in real life.
  • Resistance bands allow you to train in a minimal amount of space.
  • Resistance bands are highly portable.


Other trainers may also use bands or elastic tubing, but for most, it’s not their primary modality.  They’ll use bands just for warm-ups or maybe an exercise or two.




The primary objective of is to work with mature adult clients to help them enjoy a more functional and participative life as they age, so they can continue to be active in their own lives and the lives of their family members.


will work with you to develop a training program that fits your schedule and addresses your fitness goals.




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Helping you live a more functional, participative life.