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As a mid-50s professional, I have little time to concentrate on the status of my physical wellbeing.  The years of neglect were showing.  In making the smart move to hire Mark as my personal trainer over a year ago, I am definitely seeing the reinvigorated-self return.  The convenience of Mark offering these workout sessions in my office is hugely valuable to me.  His sessions are no less grueling, however, since he incorporates the use of bands in nearly all the exercises.  Mark's ability to customize and continually monitor the core-building exercises demonstrates his knowledge and study of his customer's needs.  He provides additional resources even after the session has ended by emailing YouTube videos and providing advice that might help achieve success with a more difficult routine.  The results that I am seeing in my overall balance and muscle strength have been tremendous.  Investing in myself again, with Angelelli Fitness as my guide, has never felt so good!


---- Michael


I was a bit apprehensive about working out with bands at first, but figured I would give it a try.  I have been using weights for years with other personal trainers, but was able to achieve a lot of the same results with the bands.  Due to some physical conditions I have, I was limited to how and when I could do cardio, if at all.  To my surprise, I was getting a pretty good cardio workout at the same time, killing two birds with one stone.  This made my cardiologist happy and got him off my back about doing cardio.  I also found that the bands didn't stress my body out like weights did from time to time.  Being 55 years old, this was huge for me.  I highly recommend Mark as a trainer.  He does a great job.


---- Dan




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